Members meeting

Member meeting is the Student Union’s highest decision-making body. Annual membership meeting when the fall and spring, in addition to an extraordinary general meeting be held if there are urgent or otherwise, matters that must be addressed before the regular meeting. The meeting is a quorum when it is registered convened. Voting is currently a member of the Student Union in Östersund on presentation of a valid proof of membership.

The autumn meeting to be held in December, and the spring meeting to be held in April. Announcement is made at the previous meeting members. No later than sixty (60) days before the actual meeting date, the meeting will be notified by the Student Union’s official website.

Spring 2016

Now it´s time for the spring membership meeting, we wish all our members Welcome to F-building, Wednesday, April 27th at 15:15.

To learn more about the meeting, visit our site kårlex.


Proposed amendments that come from the student union.