SFS Bostadsrapport

SFS annually publishes a housing report where they rangerar student towns, want to know more you can read their Housing Policy Statement (swedish only).

Previous reports

2015 (Yellow)
Östersund has a home warranty for all students taking at least 15 credits per semester. Most new students in Ostersund get a home almost immediately. Last year, the pressure is higher than before, but everyone got a mortgage the first month. This year is expected to be faster, partly because there are no more houses. Some students may need to stay in hostels during the first days, but no more than that. Rents and distance to University reasonable. Some of the homes are not available during the summer, and students who receive a permanent home at the beginning of the semester may need to change residence during the year if they plan to stay in Östersund during the summer. It is possible that this will be better in the future, as new student residences are scheduled for completion next year. Östersund housing guarantee not live up to the SFS criteria. (Student Union in Ostersund, Östersundshem)

2014 (Yellow)
In Ostersund’s a housing guarantee for new students. The warranty applies from this year even students who are accepted into the second round. It is now possible to register for the warranty up to one month into the semester. The warranty covers students studying at least half time. Since the warranty is new for this year hope Bostadsbolaget Östersundshem able to fulfill it. Student housing may be room in the corridor, dubblettrum, private student apartment or part of four rooms and a kitchen. Student housing has reasonable rent and is located on walking and cycling distance from the university. The warranty does not live up to the SPS requirements because of the closing date. (Östersundshem and the student union in Östersund).

2013 (Yellow)
The housing situation for students in Ostersund looks good for the autumn term. Students have become fewer while the number of student housing is largely unchanged. In Ostersund is a home warranty that covers all students studying at least half-time studies at Mid University campus in Ostersund. To guarantee a student, the student must apply for accommodation by July 31 for the fall semester. This means that those who are admitted in the second round is usually not covered by the guarantee thus does not live up to the SPS requirements. But according to the housing company Östersundshem’s offer of apartments so large this year that even those who are admitted late will be able to get home. (Student Union in Ostersund, Östersundshem)