Each semester starts with an intro period, called Inspark, for new students who will begin their studies at Mid Sweden University. We in the Student Union are responsible for the intro period and it is the committee Staben that has the executive role.

To begin to study at a university can be a big change in life with the relocation, new city, new routines and new people. The goal is that the intro period will create the right conditions for new students to have the opportunity to get to know each other and their environment on campus and in Östersund. It should be a positive experience to study at Mid Sweden University! The intro period is about to get a good head start on ones student life! Getting the opportunity to discover the student life and get to know the university world. The Student Union in Östersund advocates a warm and open atmosphere in which every person should feel included and confirmed.

All students should feel welcome to Östersund and the Mid Sweden University!

Intro Period Spring 2020

The intro period starts on Saturday January 18. We will meet up in Studenternas hus on campus for the first time; meet your classmates, see the campus and get together. See you there! The schedule for the intro period can be found HERE.

The Intro Policy

During 2016, a common policy regarding the intro period has been prepared by the Student Union in Östersund and Sundsvall. The Intro Policy is the document that we have to abide by and it declares that the intro period is for the new students and that the period should be a positive experience! There will be something for everyone and everyone should have the opportunity to participate on their own terms! For us it is important that the intro period gives new students a good impression of both the Student Union, the Mid Sweden University, the city of Östersund and the student life in general!

Guide for Inspark

To make it easier for all the new students, the Student Union in Östersund has developed a Student Guide which you will find HERE.