The Student Union

Well, a student union is an association of students who want to get their rights through and have the incredible fun in the process. We work among others improving bostadsförhållanden- and rents, public transport and other infrastructure so that you eg should be able to take you to your internship, even if it is in tjotahejti, security in illness or when the economy is crispy.

Hot porridge!
We are completely partipolitiskt- and religiously independent and always try to create the right mood for the best plug environment, student life and study. We engage in both labor issues, social issues and gloating happily dropped us in education issues such as this year’s hottest issue: education in college.

Large arms …
Besides this, we act as a students’ union. We provide support, advice and confidence when you come into conflict with the university or feel unfairly treated, so you do not have to sit with the beard in the mailbox and feel helpless!

Well, hungry for a membership yet?
Not? Then, we can also take the opportunity to say that as a member always has at least 30% discount at our events, cheaper coffee and lunch in our restaurant and fikaö and cheaper entry to the nightclub Oscars! Once saved the money you can spend on the ski equipment, waterproof mobile phone or even a ukulele to the pre-party engines instead?

To see more of our funny business, you take a kik here on the web or come in for a cup of coffee!