International Committee

The International Committee is a part of the Student Union in Östersund, and primarily helps students from abroad to enjoy life here in Sweden. If you are a overseas student at Mid Sweden University, or you just want to hang out with cool people from different countries and cultures, then the IC is the right place for you. Whether you need help or just something to do on a weekend, we are available for any kind of question and happy to organize an activity for you. One of our important roles is to organize the introduction weeks at the beginning of every semester, to ensure your transition here is stress-free and fun. But also during the semester, we will entertain you with trips to see some of Östersund's surroundings on hiking or camping trips, or by getting free-entry for you to local events, or by organizing parties and lazy theme Sundays where we can hang out together. If you are interested more in what we do, then please contact us.

IC board

Christina Janssen
Annika Faßbender
Amalia Hammarström
Jeroen Debonnet
Lea Berger
Julia Scheffler
Judith Waller
Michelle Meis
Roosa Liukkonen
Lesya Pronoza
Frida Ramström


Judith Waller


Jeroen Debbonet

internationella utskottet

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