Students Scholarship Foundation

Mid Sweden University has its own scholarship foundation called Students Scholarship Foundation. The founders of this is the student unions at Mid Sweden University; Härnösand, Sundsvall, Örnsköldsvik and Östersund. The aim is to promote education and research in the region. Qualified candidates are those students belonging to any of the above mentioned student unions at Mid Sweden University and has fulfilled its obligations to the respective student union.

Scholarships are available for the following purposes:

  • Support primarily for basic education and for advanced education and research at Mid Sweden University. Support in some cases for a thesis/research thesis.
  • For the promotion of international exchange.
  • Support to enhance and arouse interest in research careers.
  • For travel within or outside Sweden that is of importance for education or research.
  • For education until university degree in social aggravating circumstances (illness, disability, etc.).


Application for the scholarship is input in a form to the student union. These application forms are provided on the Student Unions Office. Please note that the application must be completed correctly in that incomplete application and the application or additional documents submitted after the deadline are not considered.


Upon receipt of the scholarship shall reporting take the form of essay or statement of what the grant was used for.

Application deadline

The application deadline is March 1st. The distribution of scholarships takes place before the end of the spring semester, usually at the graduation celebration.