Student influence

Student participation means that we as students have the opportunity to influence the debates, discussions and decisions that affect our education and our study so that we can participate and improve them and make sure that our rights are taken into consideration!

Locally, student representation, our most powerful lobbying force, by the students will be involved in the university’s decision and beslutsberedelser and together with key people such as program managers.
Student representatives are appointed by the Student Union and kårmedlemskap is a requirement.

Do you have big ears, is good at to examine critically, to engage in dialogue with the course and want to improve? Then you should look for a place as a student representative!


Nationally, we are involved in shaping student politics by being with iSFS, the Swedish National Union of Students, which operates the national lobbying and participating in international debates by its International Committee. We also belong to the SAMS, Cooperating Students, which is a grouping of smaller unions within the SFS.

Student representatives

Student Union appoints student representatives at Mid Sweden University and all decision-making bodies. Nominated student unions at Swedish universities and colleges has a statutory mandate to appoint all student representatives. If you are interested to know more, or if you are already a student representative, for example in a program or topic College, contact to be officially inducted and receive training in student representation of the Student Union. The student representatives represent all students, regardless of whether you read on campus or at a distance, no matter kårmedlemskap or not.