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Of course you should be a member of the Student Union!

We are a politically and religiously unbound association of students at Mid Sweden University campus Östersund that works to assure that your education and your time as a student in Östersund will be as good as possible. Our assignments include, among others, educational quality, study environments and student accommodation and we organize social activities that span from movie nights to dinner parties.

As a member of the Student Union, you help to support our work while also having  the opportunity to be apart of our organization and the work we do. You can choose to be a part of our sections and committees or be a student representative in any of the Mid Sweden University's decision-making and preparatory bodies. As a member, you will also receive extra support from our Student Mediator if it would be that you end up in conflict with the university during your time as a student. As a bonus, you can also enjoy our member-exclusive discounts!

Whether you are studying on campus or on a distance, you can join the Student Union and you are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions!

Membership prices:

200 SEK - Student Union 1 semester

300 SEK - Student Union 2 semesters

300 kr - ÖSIS 1 semester student

500 kr - ÖSIS 1 semester non student

400 kr - ÖSIS 2 semesters student

600 kr - ÖSIS 2 semesters non student

400 kr - Student Union + ÖSIS 1 semester (only for international students)

600 kr - Student Union + ÖSIS 2 semester

You can buy your membership by clicking on of the buttons.