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We care about the living conditions of the students in Östersund! We work to ensure that the accommodation guarantee offered by Östersund Municipality is maintained, that the student housing is of a good standard and that the rent is at an acceptable level. Our goal is for Östersund to get a green mark in the SFS Housing Report so you can feel secure about moving to Östersund and start studying.

How to find a student residence?

Östersundshem is the housing company that manages rental of student housing in Östersund. Östersundshem rents both own student housing units and coordinates with rental of student housing units owned by other housing companies in Östersund. More information about living as a student at Östersundshem can be found HERE.

  1. The first thing you have to do is create an account at Östersundshem.
  2. Once you have created an account, it is possible to start searching for accommodation via the student housing portal.
  3. Student housing is posted on a regular basis and the rule is first-come, first served. If you want to have greater choice regarding accommodation, you have to be out early.
  4. Please note that the accommodation guarantee will only apply if the application for accommodation is made before 10th of August for the autumn semester and before 31th of December for the spring semester. The guarantee means that all students who have applied in time should be offered a residence within one month from the date the application was made, access to the accommodation may, however, take place later. HERE you can read more about the housing guarantee.
  5. If no student accommodation is available through Studenttorget, a list will be available via Östersundshems homepage until the last validity date of the guarantee, where you as a new student can sign up to be covered by the guarantee.

Other possibilities for accommodation


If you have to wait for access to your accommodation, it may be necessary to arrange an alternative accommodation in the meantime. Staying at hostels is an option, but here it is also important to be out in time if you want to secure a place.

The Student Union in Östersund has an agreement with Multi Challenge and with the Hostel Ledkrysset where you can stay at a discounted price if you are a member of the Student Union in Östersund. Under Collaborations, you can read more about what applies to these offers.

Private rental

Sometimes we get contacted by private individuals who are interested in renting out accommodation to students. These ads can be found under Available Accommodation.

Bo tillsammans

At Bo Tillsammans, it is possible to find accommodation with someone looking for a roommate.

Are you having trouble finding accommodation?

If you are having trouble finding accommodation, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help!