Every semester, the Student Union in Östersund organizes the "Inspark" for all new students who start studying at Mid Sweden University in Östersund. You as a distance student with Östersund as a place of study are also welcome to participate! The committee under Student Union called Staben, has the main responsibility for planning and implementing the "Inspark".

Starting to study at a university can be a big step in life and for many students it means a new city, new routines and new people around you. We arrange "Insparken" to create good conditions for all new students to get to know each other, the surroundings on Campus and the city of Östersund. The "Inspark" should give a positive experience of starting to study at Mid Sweden University and we therefore advocate a welcoming climate where all new students should feel included while we distance ourselves from alcoholism and offensive challenges. "Insparken" is both about getting a quick start on life as a student but also about having real fun with all the new people you will spend your coming years with.

For us, it is important that all students feel welcome to Mid Sweden University and to Östersund!

"Insparken" spring semester 2021

How does it work?

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused troubles at all levels of society, including universities. The committée Staben is here for you as a new student and we are a safe point in the chaos.

We have, with sadness in our hearts, decided to abandon our regular "Inspark" program this spring and instead arrange a digitized one. The hope is that it will be possible to meet physically in small groups. The focus will be on promoting community within the class and between classes in the program with the help of buddies, imagination and digital tools. The buddies are students whose task is to introduce you to the program and the university.

How will the schedule be?

The "Inspark" this spring will last for five days. We start the first day of the new semester, on January 18, 2021 and continue on January 22, 2021. Thanks to the digital approach, all participating programs (and sections) will be able to participate in all activities during the week. You will, in good time, receive information about which programs will meet on which day and who your contact person will be if you have questions or concerns. The activities will mainly take place digitally, but the hope is that we will also be able to have activities in small groups.

More info?

  • During the "Inspark", you will be taken care of by your buddies. A buddy is another student who has completed the buddy education.
  • It is optional to participate in the "Inspark", but of course we hope that you want to take the chance to have fun with us and take the opportunity to get to know the other new students!
  • The "Inspark" is free of charge.
  • You can find more info in our social medias.

I have a question, where do I turn?

You are always welcome to contact Staben by e-mail or social medias. You will get a reply within 24 hours. Contact info to the right.


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