Every new semester, the Student Union in Östersund organizes an "Inspark" (= introduction period) for all new students who start studying at Mid Sweden University in Östersund. You as a distance student with Östersund as a place of study are also welcome to participate! The Student Union committee Staben has the main responsibility for planning and implementing Insparken. Start studying at a university can be a big step in life and for many of you it means a new city, new routines and new people around you. We arrange Insparken to create good conditions for all new students to get to know each other, the surroundings on campus and the city of Östersund. Insparken will provide a positive experience of starting to study at Mid Sweden University and we want all new students to feel included while we distance ourselves from alcoholism and offensive challenges. Insparken is both about getting a good start on life as a student but also about having real fun with all the new people you will spend your coming semester with. For us, it is important that all students feel welcome at Mid Sweden University and Östersund!

Insparken spring semester 2022

How does it work?

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused troubles at all levels of society, including universities. The committée Staben is here for you as a new student and we are a safe point in the chaos.

We are pleased to announce that we have finally received an ok to arrange and implement a campus-based inspark in the spring of 2022! Of course, we are responsive to any changes regarding recommendations and restrictions from the Swedish Public Health Agency. The majority of the activities will physically take place outdoors. As always, the focus is on promoting community within the class and between the classes at the program and the university with the help of buddies, imagination and a good mood. The buddies are older students whose task is to introduce you to the program and the university. Contact us in Staben or the section you will belong to to get in contact with your buddies.

How will the schedule be?

The "Inspark" this spring will last for one week and we start the day before the new semester. The current dates are Januari 16-22 (Sun-Sat). The activities are always after school. Almost every day there will be different activities, mainly on campus. It is free to participate. The activities themselves are both a fun way to get to know the city, campus, the class, buddies and student life BUT it is also a competition where the programs compete against each other. During the "inspark", the programs collect points by performing different types of assignments but also by participating in the activities. At the end of this week, we have an "insparksparty" with good food and a great atmosphere, this is the only activity that costs money. It is at this party that the winners of the "inspark" are announced. A schedule for the "inspark" will be posted no later than one week before the "inspark" starts, but if you have any questions, you can contact us. See our contact info to the right. 

Here you find the schedule

I have not been in contact with a buddy, what do I do?

Do not panic! As we according to GDPR need consent to contact you, you must register if you want to be contacted by a buddy. Click on the star to the right to register. You can also send us a message. We will also post all the class groups on our Facebook page where you can get in touch with your buddies.

More info?

  • During the "inspark", you will be taken care of by your buddies. A buddy is another student who has completed the buddy education.
  • It is optional to participate in the "inspark", but of course we hope that you want to take the chance to have fun with us and take the opportunity to get to know the other new students!
  • The "inspark" is free of charge except for the "insparksparty"on January 22.
  • You don´t need to sign up for the inspark, you are welcome to just show up!
  • Membership in the Student Union is not required for participation, but to get the most out of both inspark and student life, it can be an investment!
  • You can find more info on our social media, mainly Facebook! Staben - Studentkåren i Östersund

I have a question, where do I turn?

You are always welcome to contact Staben by e-mail or social medias. You will get a reply within 24 hours. Contact info to the right.

I want to be contacted!

Click on the star to the right to register for our inspark newsletter. You can also send us a message. We will also post all the class groups on our Facebook page where you can get in touch with your buddies. 

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Click on the star below to sign-in for newsletter about the Inspark! If you have a question, pls send an e-mail or contact us by social media.

Schedule for inspark VT22