Students Scholarship Foundation

Mid Sweden University has its own scholarship foundation called Students Scholarship Foundation which is founded by the Student Unions at Mid Sweden University. The aim is to promote education and research in the region. Qualified applicants are those students belonging to the Student Union in Östersund or Sundsvall.

Scholarships are available for the following purposes:

  • Support, primarily, for students on bachelor- or masters level, and PhD students at the Mid-Sweden University. In some cases a thesis/scientific publication can be funded as well.
  • For the promotion of international exchange.
  • To promote and increase interest in scientific research.
  • To cover travel expenses, within or out of Sweden, necessary for education or research.
  • To support education up until finished bachelor degree in cases where the applicant is suffering from physical
    or mental challenge, or extraordinary cases of illness etc.


Application period is between December 1 and April 1. The application has to be handed in on a specific form to the local Student Union at the Mid-Sweden University. Important – download the document, open it in Adobe Acrobat to be able to complete it. Please note that the application has to be filled in correctly. Incomplete applications or applications handed in after deadline will not be considered. The application shall be sent to


Final reporting

Those granted a scholarship have to send in a written report. Such a report can either be a copy of a thesis, or a report of how the scholarship has been used (personal expenses, etc.).

Application deadline

The application deadline is April 1st. The distribution of scholarships takes place before the end of the spring semester.