Student influence

Student influence means that we as students have the opportunity to influence debates, discussions and decisions that affect us as students so that we can contribute and improve our situation and ensure that our rights are taken into account. It includes everything from the content, planning and implementation of the education to students living condition and financial situation.

Local student influence

Local student influence occur primarily through student representation within Mid Sweden University’s decision-making and preparatory bodies. According to 4a §, 1 kap, Högskolelagen (1992: 1434), students have the right to exercise influence over their education and according to 7 §, 2 kap, Högskolelagen (1992: 1434), students are entitled to be represented when decisions are made or preparations are made that are relevant to the education or students’ situation.

Student representation takes place at several levels within Mid Sweden University, from the University Board down to individual program councils, and it is the Student Union’s task to appoint these student representatives in accordance with 7 § Studentkårsförordningen (2009: 769). Do you want to become a student representative? Then you can read more HERE.

Outside the university’s, we as students are also able to influence the city we are studying in, mainly through the presidency of the Student Union that has a close dialogue with Östersund municipality, Östersund housing companies and other organizations that may affect the students’ situation.

National and international student influence

Through the Student Union in Östersund’s membership of the Swedish National Union of Students (SFS) we have the opportunity to influence both national and international student politics. SFS carries out national student influence, especially against government and authorities, and participates in international student policy through its international committee. The Student Union in Östersund is also a member of Samverkande Stduenter (SamS), a grouping of small and medium-sized student unions in SFS, where we conduct student politics in common to gain a greater impact in SFS.