In the heart of the campus you'll find Ljushallen, a juncture where we have a service center, we serve lunch and you can get a nice cup of coffee. Here, the student union have space for associations and companies to reach out to the students.

Student Union rents out space to these three groups, other requests are sent to MIUN:

  • Nonprofit organizations such as sports clubs and democratic student associations may use the sites free of charge for the recruitment of members.
  • Trade unions, student unions may hire sites for recruitment of members. Student unions have a 50% discount.
  • Sales and marketing of goods and services, those goods and services shall be addressed to the students.

The cost of renting a place is 2000 SEK for the full day (08-16) and 1000 SEK for half-day (08-12 and 12-16).


  • Coffee and similar that you want to give away in Ljushallen have to be purchased at Cultum, they handles catering on campus.
  • The tenant must not use aggressive marketing and must not interfere with the passage.
  • Tenant's message should not be xenophobic, discriminatory, offensive or otherwise contrary to the University's core values.
  • The tenant must comply with university regulations.
  • In breach of this agreement tenant will be denied future possibilities to rent space at in Ljushallen.
  • Tables are available at vaktmästeriet, other tables in Ljushallen may not be used without special permission.
  • Cancellation less than five days before the booked date will be charged 100%.


Booking calendar Ljushallen