The student union in Östersund is also working with the national study politics. We are a member in SFS, the Swedish National Union of Students. SFS conducts national lobbying and also participates in international debates through its International Committee.
Thanks to this we in Östersund have the opportunity to make our voice heard and have the ability to influence.


To strengthen our voice, we are also part of SAMS, Samverkande Studenter (Cooperating Students), which is a group within the SFS. We currently consists of 7 smaller unions who together to discuss issues surrounding SASIC.

Currently consists of SAMS:

  • BSK – Blekinge student union
  • DSK – Dalarna Student Union
  • HSK – Halmstad Student Union
  • Rindi – Gotland Student Union
  • SVH – Student Union at University West
  • SIS – Student Union of Skövde
  • Sio – Student Union in Östersund