New logo for Mittpsykologerna

We chose to update our logo as we felt that the old are not clearly represented the section Mittpsykolgerna, since it was too vague and obscure with the small Psi characters that were in the picture. It also felt like it could be a fun first project for the new board. We arranged a contest in which all psychology students had to submit a proposal on the logo, and then vote. The proposal that narrowly won was the one we have now, for the following reasons:

“It is clearly representating what Mittpsykolgerna is, namely psychology students at Mid Sweden University. Psychology is represented by means of a central image of a brain, while the Mid Sweden University is represented by the horns of an elk, the Jämtland county animal. The idea is that the logo should be easy to interpret, but some cryptic sentences. Word Mark and bildlogga stands for itself and can be arranged in various configurations such as patches and headers. Thanks to the strong forms, it works well in print, both as large format as well as small. Through a variant with stroke ( “line around “) it is the logo also on all kinds of backgrounds, solid color as patterned. the most striking color in the logo becomes the deep red, which is the color that is central to Mittpsykolgerna’s color profile, but the logo works equally well in monochrome on both dark and light background.”

Design by Hampus Grönvall, based on an idea from Julia Norden. The new logo officially entered into force on the 4th of May, 2016.