The Intro Fair

The intro fair aims to show new (and old) students which range of activities which are available in Ostersund. The intro fair is in Ljushallen at the beginning of each semester, and is open to all our students.

A unique opportunity to establish contact between students and the opportunities Östersund. For associations that are looking for new members, this exhibition is optimal. For those seeking students for work, such as jobs, internships, etc. so we arrange Future Fair each spring.

Autumn 2019

This Introperiod on Tuesday, September 10 we’ll arrange the intro fair again. From 10 to 14, there will be lots of new and old students in Ljushallen that gives an unique possibility to show of your organisation. Register at latest the last of August to be a part of it.

Associations and companies

The event is primarily for non-profit organizations and there is no charge for taking part. It is also open (for a fee) for companies that hold activities for students, but you may not sell goods and products at this event. Note that you can rent Ljushallen throughout the year for marketing.

Refreshments, etc.
No direct sales may occur during the fair. Party of candy and fruit is allowed, but if you wish to bid on other things, such as coffee and cake, you order it from a restaurant Cultum least one week before the fair.

Politically and religiously
Then the student union is a politically and religiously independent organization, so we have decided not to market outlook and partisyn the intro fair. Exceptions include eg church choirs or such active activities.

If you have questions, contact