Student Overall

The Student Union sells student overalls, textile dye and embroidered patches in the Student Union reception in the Service Center. Student overalls are also sold on certain occasions by Östersund’s overall association Standut.

Price for a student overall package:
500 SEK for members of the Student Union
700 SEK for non members

The price includes an overall, textile dye, salt for fixation salt and and an “Ovvebible” which contains all you need to know about wearing the student overall at the Mid Sweden University in Östersund.

The student overalls are white when purchasing them and thus each student overall needs to be dyed in the specific color of the wearers study program. All international students however have the same color on their student overalls.

How to dye in the washing machine:

  • It is recommended to wear rubber gloves when opening the dye container.
  • Weigh the dry fabrics and choose the right amount of dye. Wet the fabrics and put them in the washing machine. Then add 3-4 liters of water directly into the drum.
  • Carefully cut the corner of the dye container and dye fixative container and place them in the washing machine (do not empty them!). ONE package of dye fixative is sufficient for ONE dying session in the washing machine, regardless of the amount of dye and fabric.
  • When dyeing at 30 or 40 degrees, add 500 grams of Nitor textile dye salt to the washing machine drum. When dyeing at 60 degrees add 1000 grams of Nitor textile dye salt. This is enough for one dyeing session regardless of the amount of dye and fabric in the washing machine.
  • Start the washing machine at 30, 40, or 60 degrees. Do not choose prewash, delicate wash or economy wash. Let the machine wash program complete. Then wash the newly dyed fabric with a little detergent by repeating the laundry program at 40 degrees or 60 degrees, to remove the excess dye. Do not use detergents with bleach.

What to have in mind when you dye your student overall:

  • Always weigh the textiles to be sure to add the right amount of dye for the correct color shade, a student overall weighs about 1000 g (depending on size).
  • The fabric must be clean and free from stains before dyeing. Stained, impregnated or treated textiles risk uneven dyeing.
  • Brand new textiles should be washed before dyeing to remove any treatment.
  • Never fill the washing machine drum more than half (approximately 1.5 kg of textile to a 3-4 kg washing machine), for an even dyeing result.
  • Always use detergents without bleach for colored textiles.
  • Dye on your skin can be removed with soap and water or with Nitor Remover.
  • Avoid exposing colored textiles to direct sunlight during drying.
  • Always use Nitor textile dye with Nitor textile dye salt.
  • Read instructions carefully before beginning any dyeing session.

List of colors of all the programs on Mid Sweden University in Östersund: